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Drs. M. Saini and J. Saini


Soho Health Centre

247-251 Soho Road,



West Midlands

B21 9RY




Need to talk to the doctor?Telephone triage now available every day from 08.00 until 10.00.


Now offering a range of Private Medical Services




We now offer private medical services in addition to NHS. Below we have listed an outline of fees. Please note that on occasion, these may be subject to change so please ask before making private bookings with the doctor.


Medical Fees







10 minute consultation £30
20 minute consultation £40
30 minute consultation £50
Private Prescription £10
Repeat Prescription £5 per item
Private Sick Note £10
Pregnancy Test £5
Blood Pressure Check £10
Resting ECG £50
Flu Jab £20
Phlebotomy Please contact us

Well Women's Check

  • Smear
  • BMI
  • Blood Pressure
  • Breast Examination
  • Routine blood tests (Diabetes and cholesterol check)
  • Pre conception counselling if needed
  • Resting ECG
  • Cardiac risk assessment

 Well Man Check

  • PSA
  • BMI
  • Blood Pressure
  • Routine blood tests (Diabetes and cholesterol check)
  • Cardiac Risk assessment
  • Resting ECG
 Full Female Sexual Health Screen £225
 Full Male Sexual Health Screen £225
 Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea £115
 Syphilis Screen £55
 Early Detection screen (HIV1/HIV2/HBV/HCV £170
 Knee Joint Steroid Injection £90

 Removal of Lump / Bump

(Consultation prior to and post removal included)            


 Private Referral Letter




Travel Vaccines Available




Additional Information




Typhoid 1 dose provides 3 years protection £30
Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio         1 dose provides 10 years protection £40
Hepatitis A 2 doses provide 10 years protection          £40 per dose                       
Junior Hepatitis A 2 doses provide 10 years protection £35 per dose
Hepatitis A & Typhoid   £80 per dose
Hepatitis B (Adult) 3 doses provide 5 years protection £50 per dose
3 dose course £150
Hepatitis B (Paediatric) 3 doses provide 5 years protection £40 per dose
3 dose course £120
Meningitis ACWY 1 dose provides 3-5 years protection £60
Menigitis B (Bexsero) 2 doses £150 per dose

Private charges applicable to NHS patients.


The NHS is free at its point of source but there are some services offered which are subject to a charge. These are outlined below:




Private Sick Note £10.00 

Private Referral Letter £10.00

Passport form / photograph (including children) £15.00

Vaccination certificate £10.00 

Holiday Cancellation certificate £35.00 

Fitness to travel certificate £10.00




Medical insurance claim form (BUPA / PPP) £20.00 

School fees insurance claim form £20.00 

Letter re: illness during exams etc. £15.00 

Copies of whole sets of records £50.00 

Entry to country medical information £20.00 

Report at request of solicitor £90.00 

Reports for patients involved in accidents £30.00


Medical Examinations

HGV, DVLA medical examination £150.00 


Fitness to attend school examination £65.00


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