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Well Woman Check

Why have a well woman check?


Peace of mind that our health is the best it could be is invaluable and at Saini & Saini, we appreciate that. As such we have put together a health check which is tailored specifically for women incorporating a health screen and cervical smear test amongst other services aimed at a full MOT.


What does it include?

  • Cervical Smear Test: This is aimed at picking up precancerous cells around the neck of the womb which can, if left alone, develop into cancer and is commonly done every 3 years in women over the age of 25 on the NHS. We offer it to under 25s as a private service.


  • Health Screen: This involves a measure of your Body Mass Index (BMI), Resting Blood Pressure, ECG (A tracing of the Heart) and routine blood tests including a fasting cholesterol and Glucose check. A Cardiac Risk Assessment is then made by putting all the results of these tests together.


  • Breast Examination: This is done by your clinician and education given as to how to perform this yourself, warning signs to look out for and when to present to you doctor.


  • Preconception counselling: This is given if relevant to all women of child bearing age together with education about the pregnancy journey.



Information on Cervical Screening
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Information about cardiovascular disease
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Information on breast examination
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