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Our vision


‘To deliver high quality patient care within a dynamic and ever-changing demographic of patients whilst always ensuring that everyone is treated with equality, respect and dignity. To do so we will endeavour to use all of the resources available and embrace the technological advancements that are part of this evolving world’.



Click on the link below to read and view some of Dr J Saini's recommended COVID-19 resources. These all come from reputed sources.

Please be aware that we are continuing to offer telephone and video consultations. Please also be aware that, despite easing of restrictions, no patients will be seen face to face unless wearing a face mask in our surgery.

Online Services



In line with our vision, you now have the option to book appointments, order prescriptions and even see your medical record online! Ask our staff at the surgery for information about logging on. When you have your unique information, please access the service by clicking one of the buttons below.



Let us know your thoughts about the service and how we can improve.



Access part of your medical records online



Order you next prescription online and get access to pharmacy services.



Book your next appointment online.



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