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Drs. M. Saini and J. Saini


Soho Health Centre

247-251 Soho Road,



West Midlands

B21 9RY




Need to talk to the doctor?Telephone triage now available every day from 08.00 until 10.00


Phone lines are down today 28/6/18, please be patient while our provider tries to resolve the issue.


Now offering a range of Private Medical Services


Need to see a GP urgently out of hours? Try our Urgent Care Centres and see details on the front page. 




Suggestions and complaints


At Saini & Saini we recognise that, occasionally, everyone makes mistakes - this includes us. Although we always try to provide the kind of service our patients would like to receive, we appreciate that it is not always possible.

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the practitioners or any members of staff in this practice, please ask for a complaints form from reception and the operations manager will deal with this.

We will endeavour to resolve problems as soon as possible.


The practice supports 'Zero Tolerance' and any patient behaving in an inappropriate, abusive, violent or intimidating way towards practice staff, community staff or other patients, will be removed from the practice list. This removal will be effective immediately where a member of staff or patient has felt threatened.

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