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Winter Flu Vaccination

The seasonal (winter) flu vaccination is available from September 2019.


We have a daily morning clinic running in our GP surgery to vaccinate those at risk. These groups include:


               Over 65's

               Pregnant women at ALL stages

               Patients who live in care homes

               Adults and Children over 6 months of age with the following conditions:




Other Lung Diseases,

Heart Disease,

Moderate to Severe Renal Disease,

Patients with no spleen,

Patients with other immunity problems

Liver Disease

Strokes and TIA's

Neurological problems like M.S. or cerebral palsy



Contact us    

You can reach us on:

Tel: (0121) 203 5030

Fax: (0121) 554 9126


Alternatively, please use our contact form.


Drs. M. Saini and J. Saini


Soho Health Centre

247-251 Soho Road,



West Midlands

B21 9RY




Need to talk to the doctor?

Telephone triage now available every day from 08.00 until 10.00.


Needs a doctor out of hours?


All our patients can now access appointments to see a doctor outside normal surgery hours


Monday to Friday please call the following between 18:30 - 20:00


Broadway = 0121 250 6119

Stoney Lane = 07821355547


This service is also available weekends  

Saturday between 09:00 - 13:00

Sunday 10:00 - 13:00 


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