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Drs. M. Saini and J. Saini


Soho Health Centre

247-251 Soho Road,



West Midlands

B21 9RY




Need to talk to the doctor?Telephone triage now available every day from 08.00 until 10.00


Phone lines are down today 28/6/18, please be patient while our provider tries to resolve the issue.


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Need to see a GP urgently out of hours? Try our Urgent Care Centres and see details on the front page. 




How to make an appointment

Routine appointments


At Saini & Saini, all patients with routine medical needs are seen by appointment only. When booking an appointment, please let the receptionist know if you have any preference as to which practitioner you see. Patients are free to make an appointment with any of the doctors or nurses but are encouraged to see the same person for follow-up appointments.

There will generally be a longer wait for an appointment if you wish to see a particular doctor as some doctors have commitments to specialist roles and not all of the doctors work full-time. 

The receptionist will confirm the earliest available appointment with the practitioner of your choice. It is then up to you whether you wait to see your doctor of choice or book with a different doctor with earlier availability.

The standard length of appointment is 10 minutes with the doctor. Please note that if you have more to discuss, the GP may ask you to make another appointment at a later date.

Please endeavour to arrive at the surgery in good time for your appointment. Patients arriving 10 minutes late for their appointment will be required to re-book the appointment or, at the doctor's discretion may be seen at the end of the surgery.


Telephone Triage

All patients have access to our daily telephone triage service. You have the opportunity to call up the surgery with the option to speak to one of our doctors for help and advice. This service runs between 09.00 - 10.00 am every morning

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